Mandy Flood  Copper, silver and enamel Flat earrings Mandy Flood
 Cheryl Sills  Gold Offset stud earrings Cheryl Sills
 Kate Barton  Punched oval chain, sterling silver Kate Barton
 Jeremy Leeming  Sterling silver and basalt small Curve earrings Jeremy Leeming
 Aaron Brown  Small Pounamu teardrop toki pendant Aaron Brown
 Jasmine Watson  Scalloped Lotus earrings in 18ct gold Jasmine Watson
 Ursula Grube  Cluster Chain Earrings, sterling & fine silver Ursula Grube
 Tracy Watson  Silver Shell pendant gold detail on silk cord Tracy Watson
 Myfanwy Rees  Circle Tag hoop earrings sterling silver Myfanwy Rees
 Brian Adam  Lapis Cufflinks Brian Adam
 Mia Straka  Coil ring silver size T Mia Straka
 Lisa Woods  18ct yellow gold Lapis earrings Lisa Woods
 Helen Turinsky  Sterling silver & brass Kowhai pendant Helen Turinsky
 Ashley Hilton  Sterling silver  Native Tree brooches from $236 to Ashley Hilton
 Barbara Blewman  Medium zzzz etched sterling silver Circle earrings Barbara Blewman
 Jules Vine  Sterling silver Coffin Ring Jules Vine
 Kate Alterio  Standing Out in a Crowd earrings Kate Alterio
 Ann Culy  Gold Ingot-top soft square ring Size M1/2 Ann Culy
 Ilse-Marie Erl  Silver Bubble necklace Ilse-Marie Erl
 Warwick Edgington  Mother of pearl and ebony square bangles pair Warwick Edgington
 Jane Dodd  Fairytale Necklace with Spining Wheel & Money Bag Charms Jane Dodd
 Lisa West  Glass & sterling silver Berry Pendant Lisa West
 Junko Kingsleysmith  Loop Foliage earrings Junko Kingsleysmith
 Macarena Bernal  Wide Bangle Link, two tone green/yellow Macarena Bernal
 Kiri Schumacher  Fuchsia hoop earrings, sterling silver Kiri Schumacher
 Benjamin Flynn  Palladium & 18ct gold Ceylon Sapphire ring Benjamin Flynn
 Dorothy de Lautour  Turnabout Disk Earrings, sterling silver Dorothy de Lautour
 Penelope Barnhill  Double Curvy Red Cherry hook earrings Penelope Barnhill
 Vicente Ovalle  Circles Arahura serpentine Toki Vicente Ovalle
 Dan Millett  Tapered Haast pounamu bead necklace with white gold & sterling silver Dan Millett
 Anna Wallis  Oxidised sterling silver Crystal brooch Anna Wallis
 Helena Andersson  Paperclip earrings, in sterling silver or 9ct gold from $45 to Helena Andersson
 Shane Hartdegen  Mild steel, copper and stainless steel Nunome Zogan earrings Shane Hartdegen
 Tania Patterson  Walking the Dog Brooch Tania Patterson