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 Ilse-Marie Erl  13 Little Fetishes pendants each
 Lisa West  Mother of pearl Star Blossom pendant
 Ilse-Marie Erl  Silver Bubble necklace
 Warwick Edgington  Stainless steel French Curve necklace
 Ashley Hilton  Sterling silver Native Tree pendants
 Kate Barton  Randomized pattern necklace
Oxidized sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold
 Mia Straka  Pin necklace, 9ct gold
 Kate Alterio  Standing Out in a Crowd pendant
 Lisa West  Hibiscus necklace
 Kate Barton  Punched oval chain, sterling silver
 Kate Alterio  One of These Things  necklace

Not currently available
 Jules Vine  Bronze Amphora Locket
 Jane Dodd  Fairytale charms from $65 to
 Jasmine Watson  Long Lotus necklace, oxidised sterling silver
 Jules Vine  Bronze Mountian Locket
 Jules Vine  Bronze Mourning Locket
 Jules Vine  Large Amphoriod Locket
 Jules Vine  Medium Amphoroid Locket; (centre)
 Ilse-Marie Erl  Pearl strand necklaces from $185 to
 Tania Patterson  Moth Pendant
 Helen Turinsky  Kowhai Elements; brass flower & silver tui individually
 Myfanwy Rees  Safety Chain necklace, sterling silver & 18ct gold
 Jules Vine  Sterling MircoBot charms
large $199 small
 Jules Vine  Bronze BubbleHead Robot charm
 Jules Vine  Bronze NanoBot charm
 Jules Vine  Baby Cyclops Robot charms, bronze $138 - sterling
 Ilse-Marie Erl  Garnet, Aquamarine, Jade, Amethyst & Moonstone Beadstrand silver necklaces each
 Tania Patterson  Large Pod pendant
 Tania Patterson  Paduak wood Large Pod pendant
 Tania Patterson  Small Pod pendant
 Helen Turinsky  Sterling silver Tui Disc chain pendant
 Kate Barton  Oxidised silver double Prism chain necklace
 Lisa West  Glass & sterling silver Berry Pendant
 jane Dodd  Silver Wolf charm
 Jane Dodd  Fairytale Necklace with Spining Wheel & Money Bag Charms
 Kate Barton  Sterling silver Small Prisms necklace
 Mia Straka  Kete Pendant on Chain
 Tania Patterson  Crab Pendant
 Myfanwy Rees  Double Beady Chain necklace,  18ct yellow gold
 Dan Millett  Tapered Haast pounamu bead necklace with white gold & sterling silver
 Dan Millett  Sterling silver and Haast pounamu choker
 Myfanwy Rees  Spring pendant, sterling silver
 Helen Turinsky  Sterling silver Retro Necklace
 Helen Turinsky  Sterling silver Tui/leaf/pod pendant
 Helen Turinsky  Sterling silver & brass Kowhai pendant
 Mia Straka  Long Twist graduated chain necklace,
 Kate Barton  Prism Charm Pendant sterling silver & 9ct gold
 Kate Alterio  Mystic Necklace; onyx, rose quartz, amethyst, labrodite, moonstone & sterling silver
 Ilse-Marie Erl  Neonicotinoids Butterfly Necklace oxidised sterling silver
 Dorothy de Lautour  Japanese Floral pendant on chain
 Dorothy de Lautour  Flights of Fancy small pendants on sterling silver chain
 Myfanwy Rees  Twist Safety Chain necklace, sterling silver & 18ct gold
 Myfanwy Rees  Spring pendant; sterling silver & 18ct gold
 Dan Millett  Marsden greenstone Toki pendant sterling silver setting
 Dan Millett  Aloha greenstone bead long necklace
 Lisa West  Winter Berry necklace handmade glass & oxidised sterling silver
 Lisa West  Winter Berry necklace handmade glass & oxidised sterling silver
 Kiri Schumacher  Koromiko necklace, sterling silver
 Kiri Schumacher  Fuchsia necklace, sterling silver & gold
 Ursula Grube  Double Oval Chain, sterling  silver 50cm long
 Dan Millett  Kokopu pounamu bound toki
 Lisa West  Seabird Diorama Pendant, bronze & sterling silver
 Benjamin Flynn  Oval Sterling Silver Tag, 18ct Y gold & Sapphire pendant
 Benjamin Flynn  Sterling Silver & 18ct Y gold Solaris pendant set w Ceylon Sapphire
 Tracy Watson  Silver Shell pendant gold detail on silk cord
 Tracy Watson  Sterling silver Shell pendant on silk cord
 Kate Barton  Tapered Prism necklace
 Tracy Watson  Bronze & Silver Kauri pendant
 Junko Kingsleysmith  Mt Cook Lily enamelled pendant
 kate Barton  Cloudy punched oval chain, sterling silver
 Cheryl Sills  Metallic Powder-Coated Big Hexagon Pendant on long oxidised sterling silver chain
 Junko Kingsleysmith  Aroma Locket oxidised sterling silver
 Tracy Watson  Copper Shell pendant with silver detail on silk cord
 Helen Turinsky  Etched North Cape Oval and Albatross pendant
 Jane Dodd  Oxidised Fairytale Necklace with chair, spinning wheel & key charms
 Ashley Hilton  Sterling silver Snowflake pendant
 Ilse-Marie Erl  Silver Bubble necklace with one 18ct gold circle
 Vicente Ovalle  Circles Arahura greenstone pendant
 Vicente Ovalle  Circles Arahura greenstone Pendant
 Vicente Ovalle  Circles Arahura serpentine Toki
 Jasmine Watson  Long Multi-Lotus necklace sterling silver
 Helena Andersson  Medium Flat Link Chain, sterling silver
 Jeremy Leeming  Slice Pendant, basalt & sterling silver
 Dorothy de Lautour  Square Turnabout Necklace, silver, copper & enamel paint
 Dorothy de Lautour  Double Circle Chain w etched details, sterling silver
 Ilse-Marie Erl  Bubble Necklace, sterling silver 18k gold plated
 Aaron Brown  3 Grooved Pounamu Drop
 Aaron Brown  Pounamu Shield (breast plate)
 Aaron Brown  Long Pounamu Faceted drop
 Aaron Brown  Large Faceted pounamu Toki
 Dan Millett  Picture Flower Jade pendant
 Dan Millett  Night Sky Disk pendant
 Dan Millett  Enunga Kiti pendant, small
 Ernesto Vicente Ovalle  Dark Greenstone Bound Square Pendant
 Ernesto Vicente Ovalle  Marsden Greenstone Bound Circle Pendant
 Ann Culy  Necklace w remember ring in pure gold & silver
 Penelope Barnhill  Large Rarotongan Black Pearl Acorn necklace
 Penelope Barnhill  Midnight Manuka pendant necklace w sterling silver & 24ct gold w African garnet on long chain
 Penelope Barnhill  Rose Shard pendant necklace
 Lisa West  Blue/purple handmade glass bead necklace
 Cheryl Sills  Sterling silver 3D hexagon open pendant on long chain
 Cheryl Sills  Double open facet hexcharms pendant, sterling silver
 Anna Wallis  Oxidised sterling silver Crystal pendant
 Anna Wallis  Sterling silver Crystal pendant
 Cheryl Sills  Acrylic bead & silver Hexagon long necklace
 Aaron Brown  Small Pounamu teardrop toki pendant
 Aaron Brown  5 grooved Pounamu pendant
 Aaron Brown  Long Ridged Cloud Australian jade pendant
 Aaron Brown  Long Ridged Wyoming jade pendant
 Ursula Grube  Fused Silver Double Chain Necklace w 3 joiners
 Ursula Grube  Rectangular Box Chain Necklace, sterling silver w aluminium rivets
 Ursula Grube  Three-Option Necklace w two catches, oxidised fine silver, fine silver
 Mia Straka  Long Twist chain Cluster necklace,
 Mia Straka  Nothing Is Lost Forever necklace,
 Mia Straka  Long Twist graduated Poutama necklace,
 Tracy Watson  Oxidised silver Tracks pendant medium
 Myfanwy Rees  Pin-rivet Circle Chain necklace / sterling silver & 9ct gold