Pacific Royal

October 28, 2018

Pacific Royal

12th October - 11th November 2018

20th Anniversary Group Show

This October marks 20 years since Ben Flynn opened the doors to Royal Jewellery Studio, a place where New Zealand contemporary jewellers could showcase and sell their work.
It was through reflection over this time that we started to consider the rich history of the iconic building that houses Royal Jewellery Studio. 486 New North Road was once a very popular picture theatre with a large pacific following, so much so that during the 1980's the name was changed to the 'Pacific Cinema'.

Fascinated by our beautiful building's history, we have taken this aspect to form the theme of this 20th anniversary exhibition 'Pacific Royal'.
This exhibition will showcase work from our jewellers that has been inspired by the pacific royal theme.

Contributing Artists: Anna Wallis, Barbara Blewman, Benjamin Flynn, Brian Adam, Cheryl Sills, Dorothy de Lautour, Helen Turinsky, Helena Andersson, Ilse-Marie Erl, Jane Dodd, Jeremy Leeming, John Z Robinson, Junko Kingsley-Smith, Kate Barton, Lisa West, Lisa Woods, Macarena Bernal, Mandy Flood, Mia Straka, Myfanwy Rees, Penelope Barnhill, Tania Patterson, Tracy Watson.