Brian Adam

Brian describes himself as a jeweller with an eye for fun. He explains, Spectacles are one of the most interesting areas of body adornment for me, and possibly the most humorous. My earrings and rings are designed by working right on the materials – for instance, using wood as unique mold material. I use malleable metals (silver, gold, copper) that I alloy when required, and then mix with shell and gemstones just like real jewellery. My methods are melting, alloying, texturing, brazing and riveting.

Brian trained first as a 2D designer at Wellington Polytechnic in 1968-71, and then taught himself, picking up jewellery-making from a variety of sources like Ruth Baird, Warwick Freeman, occasional workshops by other jewellers, and, lately, internet forums. Now he works alongside Ruth in a studio workshop they have built behind their house.