'Magic And The Mundane' Showcase

Kate Alterio


21 November - 3 December

"The human experience is often full of repetitive moments, as is the life of a jeweller. Over the years I have performed the same tasks countless times. My hands have learnt what to do; they know the angles, the pace, the pressure, when to push and when to pull back. There’s a muscle memory and intelligence in the body which means I don’t have to think about what to do, I just observe and my hands knowingly make adjustments. Working in this way calms and focuses my mind in a similar way to meditation. In a world where nothing can be controlled or predicted I find a sense of peace and comfort in this process and the repetitive nature of my work.

I often see life lessons reflected in my creative practice. One of the most poignant is being patient, surrendering, and finding joy in the process. It’s rare for everything to go to plan. My latest collection was no exception. I had a vision of how I thought several pieces would unfold, but some technical challenges led me to move in a different direction and see things in a new way. Often creative hurdles can lead to a better iteration than first anticipated which is a mysterious and enjoyable part of the creative journey.

My new collection ‘Magic and the Mundane’ speaks to these concepts. I’ve used recurring shapes to symbolise the repetitive nature of life and off-beat notes to illustrate the twists and turns, golden periods, dark times, and all the moments in between. Whether a mundane chapter or a magical one, all experiences woven together define and shape us and make our time on earth special. This body of work celebrates life in all its expressions, finding the sacred even in ordinary moments."